Rebranding is no simple task. It takes hours of work from conception, design and implementation. You shouldn’t make the decision lightly.  How can you tell when it’s time for your company to rebrand?

1. The target audience for your company has changed.

One key reason is to target a different audience. Whether this is to appeal to an international consumer or a more varied age group, your branding may need to change to cater to these audiences.

2. The business/ product has changed/ developed.

Your brand directly represents your product or service. So if this changes or develops then you need to update your logo to suit these as they change. It may be that you have acquired or been merged with another company and need to blend with their brand or implement some of theirs into your own.

3. Your current branding is outdated.

Is your logo and website still made up of comic sans? Maybe it’s time to update to a more ‘on trend’ brand. It may just be that you want to add more colour to your brand, or to join a particular trend. 

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4. You need to differentiate from your competitors.

Maybe when you started out you were the first in your field but it has since expanded to other companies. Or maybe you just need to stand out in a crowd of similar aimed businesses. A rebrand can be a way to put yourself to the forefront of peoples minds!

5.  To move on from a bad reputation

If you have developed a bad reputation and are willing to make changes to turn this around, it may be easier to rebrand than try to repair your current one. This of course doesn’t repair your bad reputation if you carry on the same way as before. It needs to be part of a much bigger plan.

Does one of more of these reasons apply to you? Then maybe it’s time for a rebrand!