The new Sunseeker & AMP Clean Energy Biomass Facility

Harbourside Visual photo shoot in Portland, Dorset, UK

Harbourside Visual were recently appointed by luxury yacht designer and manufacturer Sunseeker to photograph their brand new Biomass facility in Portland, Dorset. This newly built facility was a joint project with AMP Clean Energy.

What is the Sunseeker biomass facility for?

This particular biomass facility uses timber off-cuts that would otherwise go to waste and turns them into a renewable source of heat for the boat building facilities in Poole and Portland, Dorset.

The project will enable Sunseeker – which produces around 1,360 tonnes of usable timber arisings from its boat building operations in Poole and Portland – to process the waste timber in order to provide a source of renewable heat to two sites, resulting in savings of approximately 1,200 tonnes of carbon each year.*

As a result of the move away from fossil fuels, Sunseeker will save nearly 24,000 tonnes of carbon over the course of the partnership, and benefit from savings of around one-third equating to £100,000 per annum; over £2m during the 20-year agreement.*

Source: Sunseeker

The role of Harbourside Visual

This exciting and revolutionary project came about when Harbourside Visual’s Phil Challands recieved a call from Sunseeker’s Global Headquarters here in Poole, Dorset, UK requesting he joined them for a meeting to discuss an upcoming project.

As soon as we learned of this amazing development towards a cleaner, greener way of providing heat for the collossal boat building facilities, we were more than happy to jump on board with the project. (Pardon the pun!).

Our brief was to create an image bank of high resolution photographs to be used in the global press for Sunseeker to showcase the new facility and state of the art equipment used at the Portland biomass facility.

We were honoured to be called upon to carry out this work for such a prestigious brand.

Our work has now been published in numerous sailing and yacht industry titles across the globe. Harbourside Visual takes great pride in their work and is over the moon to see articles across the world writing about this amazing project working towards a sustainable future for the luxury yacht industry.

See the gallery below to see a few select images from our shoot at the Sunseeker and AMP Clean Energy Biomass facility in Portland.

Where was it published?

We love to see our work in the press. Even better – international press. Take a look at some of the articles we have featured in with Sunseeker and AMP Clean Energy…

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