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We were recently approached by the wonderful, best-selling childrens author Sarah Lean to create a brand new, modern and responsive website to bring her work into the modern day. There were a few main steps we needed to take to get to work on the new site.

1. Transfer all existing data including domain names from the existing host owner and registrar to Harbourside Visual’s servers.

2. Collaborate with the publisher in retrieving all media that was pre-existing on the old website which included book cover artwork and more.

3. Rebuilding a brand new website from the ground up on a super fast server with a WordPress CMS so that the author can continue to publish blog posts and manage media and updates at any time between our maintenance work.


We were asked to bring Sarah’s website into the modern day. We worked alongside Sarah from start to finish to achieve the design goals she needed. We came up with a clearly defined multi-page layout to showcase her personality and of course, list her books with areas on every page to make it easy for people to contact her such as schools and book shops etc… On the site, it was important to also have quick and easy access to links for information on the books, including shops and resources. Sarah also needed us to create a blog where she could upload information and updates herself using the easy-to-use WordPress blog and content management system. See the website in action at the bottom of this post!

Adamina Demo


When choosing a typeface for this website, we wanted something to represent a sense of quality and trust, whilst also maintaining legibility at multiple sizes including super small. After much searching, the typeface we chose was Adamina by Alexei Vanyashin for Cyreal. Check out a live demo of this classic font by clicking here

Colour Scheme

PANTONE 485C was the colour of choice. We think it’s a gorgeous vibrant red! Let’s talk about the meaning behind the red…

Red often brings thoughts of vitality and helping people in need. We give red roses as a gift when we’re in love. Red calls us to action, gets us motivated, and wearing red lets people know we feel confident and ready to take on the world. 

Pantone 485C 01

Effects of the new website at a glance…

Website traffic

220+ Average monthly visitors to the brand new website we built for Sarah Lean. The new website also attracted huge numbers of enquiries from schools, bookshops and bloggers alike.

Client Profile 01

I have a newly designed website designed with love by Harbourside Visual. Very grateful to Phil who handled it all with charm. I’ve already made a blog post asking us all to consider buying books locally!

Sarah Lean

Award winning author

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