Back in March we were appointed to create a fresh new brand identity for local taxi company Lady Cabs, which is a Dorset based business whose mission is to provide reliable, timely and safe taxi services to a predominantly female audience. Based on the model of an eventual all female team of drivers in a bid to make women feel safer. This work included the design of a new logo, colour scheme, typeface, business cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, vehicle graphics and a brand new website. Let’s take a look over some of the end result:

Lady Cabs Logo 01
LC products 01


After chatting about the business with the owner for a while, we were able to learn all about the ideas behind the brand and began working on initial ideas, originally intended to be a sister company to an existing taxi company, Lady Cabs quickly outgrew this option which saw us come up with this simple, yet striking geometric based logo, partially to resemble a road sign, but also a sense of security and trust. (More on the importance of this trustable image part a little later!)


When choosing a typeface for the brand, we wanted something easily legible and clear yet also friendly, reflecting the kind of service customers can come to expect from Lady Cabs. The typeface we chose was Josefin Sans by Santiago Orozco. Check out a live demo of this awesome font by clicking here

Colour Scheme

PANTONE 321C was the final branding colour chosen by the client. We think it’s a lovely teal shade if we say so ourselves! Let’s talk about the meaning behind the teal colour…

Teal joins the calming properties of blue with the fresh and new qualities of green. It’s a colour that also represents open communication and clarity of thought.

Pantone 321c 01


Next up was to showcase the new brand online. Somewhere passengers could go to get information quickly and easily. We came up with a super simplified three page layout featuring key information about the company including easy to find contact information on every single page to help people book a taxi. Included on the website are social media links and general fares for different days/times, including fixed rate fares for airport runs. See the website in action at the bottom of this post!

Ladycabs Website 01


For this project, the brand needed to be featured in an assortment of printed material including business and booking cards, loyalty cards, vehicle graphics and gift cards. Here’s a gallery of designs we came up with, featured with a consistent brand identity throughout. Feel free to have a look through the gallery below!

A quick look at the effects of the new brand…

Website traffic

140+ Average daily visitors to the brand new website we built for Lady Cabs at the tail end of 2020. The new website also attracted new customers including several new bookings from the local area.

Returning Customers

The new brand and of course the friendly and trustworthy nature of the business attracted customers and kept them coming back, so much so that loyalty cards were needed!

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