It’s party time!

Today is the one-year anniversary since we launched Harbourside Visual and what a year it’s been. We had planned a more fitting celebration with some of our awesome clients, family and friends but circumstances have of course put this on hold. But what we can do is look back to what we’ve been up to this past year.

We’ve had the pleasure of working on some incredible projects, from local and national events to content creation for small businesses. The video below shows you just some of what we’ve worked on!


It seems like just yesterday that we sat down in early February and came up with the name. There’s a story behind how we created the logo that we use today. We already had the name but hadn’t looked at logos yet, until a magazine we were being given an advert in needed it designed and sent off by the end of the day. They do say diamonds and made under pressure. Below you can see a few different logos we came up with, playing with the nautical ideas of being based on the coast but it was the simple word text based logo that we decided on and now have proudly hanging on the wall above our desks. 

Brand 01
Brand 02
Brand 03
Brand 04

But since last year we have also introduced new parts of branding, including the ‘H’ icon you can see on all of our social media, as well as using the yellow accents in both our printed and digital material.

We have loved the past year so we thank everyone who’s made it possible. From clients to family and friends, we couldn’t do it without you. 

So now we look to the next year! Got a project coming up that we could help with? In the cringy words of James when writing the text for the website at 2 am a year ago, Hoist your sails and head Harbourside.

harbourside icon 01