Back in March we were appointed to create a fresh new brand identity for local groundworks business DEVL Contracting. This work included the design of a new logo, colour scheme, typeface, business cards and flyers. Let’s take a look over some of the end results:

Logo & Typeface

When designing the brand, the logo was built with an entirely hand-made text based wordmark using nothing but geometric shapes and then stylized with rounded corner radiuses and thick outlines to make the wordmark pop.

The sub heading ‘Contracting’ is written in a futuristic, strong and bold typeface called ‘Aviano Future’ by the type foundry Insigne Design.

Colour Scheme

PANTONE 185 C was chosen for this brand to signify the strength behind the work carried out by DEVL Contracting.


For this project, the brand needed to be featured in an assortment of printed material including business cards and flyers. Here’s a gallery of designs we came up with, featured with a consistent brand identity throughout. Feel free to have a look through the gallery below!

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